What Is ESF?

The Eureka Schools Foundation (ESF) is a nonprofit that supports all the students of the Eureka Union School District. Activities of ESF started in July 1992 and was officially incorporated November 10, 1992.  The Foundation was formed by a partnership of parents, community members, and local businesses, ESF has served to bridge the gap between public education funding and what Eureka Union School District students need to truly excel. An investment in ESF is an investment in:

  • Libraries
  • Classroom technology, training and equipment
  • Junior high athletics, coaches and equipment
  • Teacher innovation in the classroom and school-based grants

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Who Runs ESF?

ESF is administered by a volunteer board comprised of parents from EUSD schools. The board typically has between 10-15 voting members, with additional parents serving as board members and contributing to our fundraising and information efforts. The district Superintendent and a principal liaison also attend meetings in an advisory capacity. Board meetings are open to the public and parents and other interested persons are encouraged to attend.

Why Does Our School District Need Private Funding?

The reality of public school funding in California is that property taxes are just not enough. The best public schools and school districts are truly a public/private partnership.

According to the California Consortium of Education Foundations communities across California who reap the benefits of a partnership between their education foundation and school district have some of the strongest property values even in real estate market fluctuations. These communities remain strong only with the support of an education foundation such as ESF to help fund programs and teachers.

ESF funds what may be considered “non-essential” by state government, but highly valued and essential by students and parents who are looking toward college and the future workforce.

Please visit the Funding Gap page for more information.

Did You know?

  • The ESF supports all the schools in the Eureka Union School District.
  • Since its formation, the ESF has contributed over $4 million to supplement the EUSD’s impacted budget.
  • Your directed giving contribution made to ESF goes directly to school programs of your choice.

What Can Parents Do?

  • Donate to the ESF Annual Giving Campaign. Your tax-deductible donation will help keep these established programs and curriculum in place for every student!
  • Participate and attend ESF fundraising events throughout the year and encourage business contacts and family to do the same!
  • Volunteer your special talents or business services, computer skills, sales, copying, stuffing, etc. to help with any of the activities!
  • Patronize local businesses that support ESF.

Every parent who has a child enrolled in the Eureka Union School District (EUSD) has a stake in the success of ESF.

Download ESF Welcome letter here.

Federal Tax ID number (68-0280171)