ESF hosts events year-round to foster community and raise funds for EUSD. Events are coordinated entirely by volunteers who are committed to our mission. Please consider attending an event to support our schools!


Fundraising & Community Events, 2021-22

Fund Run: Sunday, 9/26
Auction Gala: Saturday, 1/29
Foundation Cup Golf Tournament: Monday, 5/9

ESF Board Meetings, 2020–21

Tuesday, August 11
Wednesday, September 16
Wednesday, October 21
Wednesday, November 10
Wednesday, January 13
Wednesday, February 10
Wednesday, March 10
Wednesday, April 14
Wednesday, May 12
Tuesday, June 1

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Volunteer Opportunities

There are volunteer opportunities available as a board member, school representative, or as a part of one of the ESF event committees!

ESF is a volunteer-driven organization and depends on parent volunteers to run its events each year. Please support your child’s education by donating your time and talent and have some fun in the process with ESF! Contact to find out how you can become involved or sign up now. Thank you!