ESF funds enrichment so EUSD can fund everything else.

English, math, science, test scores, and academic performance are important. But they are not enough. EUSD strongly believes that enrichment programs that round out mandated curriculum, teach self-discipline and teamwork, promote self-confidence, and open the minds of our students are equally important. These are the programs that are not publicly funded. It is ESF’s mission to maintain these programs for all EUSD students.

The reality of public school funding in California is that property taxes are just not enough. In today’s financial climate, the best school districts are truly a product of public/private partnership. With significantly less money available from state sources, local school boards are continually forced to cut or reduce programs considered “non-essential” by the state government, but highly valued by students and parents, such as technology, music, art, library support, and athletics. Your tax-deductible donations will help keep these established programs and curriculum in place for every student.

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Studies show that students do better in school, have lower rates of drug and alcohol use, and higher self-esteem when they are physically fit and part of an active community. Competitive play builds character and encourages school pride and connectedness, which is why ESF’s goal is to provide staff and equipment so that sports can be accessible for all Cavitt and Olympus students.

Technology & STEM

ESF funds EUSD’s effort to modernize our classrooms, creating ’21st-century’ experiences that provide opportunities for hands-on, interactive learning, on par with other high-performing districts. These improved classrooms also make for enhanced STEM experiences for all grades, which is what parents and teachers tell us is their highest enrichment priority. With your donation, you continue to make these classroom experiences a reality.

Our kids access technology everyday for research, communication, and entertainment. It is our duty to teach our students how to exploit these resources to be curious learners, critical thinkers, and effective communicators. With your support, ESF can continue to support EUSD with funds that provide:

  • Access to innovative curriculum and tools through improved infrastructure for wireless networking
  • Wireless Access Devices
  • Technology support professionals on each campus

“In my 20+ years in EUSD, ESF has played an instrumental role in my professional development and growth as an educator. As a teacher, I attended numerous summer sessions that positively impacted my teaching and students. ESF encouraged innovation in my practice through Challenge 21 trainings, the addition of Promethean Boards in my classrooms, and more recently, the availability of Chromebooks for my students.

Unfortunately, decreased funding has impacted our campus in profound ways. We are no longer able to keep our library open throughout the school day for students to visit during all recess times to access the books and quiet activities they love.

I am thankful for all of the opportunities ESF has provided for our teachers and students over the years. Please consider partnering with ESF this and every year.”

– Kim Gerould, Greenhills principal

Teacher Education

By far, our district’s greatest asset is our teachers. Their dedication to our children is unsurpassed.

To support their success, ESF annually funds the Summer Institute. Each year after the kids are off to summer break, our teachers are given the opportunity to attend this innovative and diverse series of seminars. Here, they learn new instructional practices to fine tune their skills and learn the latest advancements in classroom technology tools to enhance inquiry-based learning.


Your ESF donation can be directed to EUSD’s music programs, developing the skills that universities and employers are looking for: self-discipline, confidence, teamwork, the ability to communicate creatively, and commitment.

EUSD offers music, choir, and band because students exposed to quality music education develop skills that will enhance their ability to learn throughout their lives. Research shows that music education results in higher test and IQ scores and increased literacy and mathematical skills.

“If the brain is a muscle, then learning to play an instrument and read music is the ultimate exercise. Two new studies show that as little as two years of music instruction has multiple benefits. Music training can change both the structure of the brain’s white matter, which carries signals through the brain, and gray matter, which contains most of the brain’s neurons that are active in processing information. Music instruction also boosts engagement of brain networks that are responsible for decision-making and the ability to focus attention and inhibit impulses.” – Brain and Creativity Institute at USC

EUSD already champions this important relationship by offering before- and after-school band and choir, with ESF’s funding, at fourth grade and above. ESF is proud to fund our award-winning Cavitt and Olympus bands, feeder programs for GBHS’ highly decorated Emerald Brigade. Please ensure these programs remain intact for future generations by donating today.

“I think, without a doubt, the fact we are 1:1 with Chromebooks has got to be one of the most significant benefits that staff and students enjoy. In addition, the very expensive upgrade to our network a few years back has really made the technology, that is now incorporated into our schoolwork, work well.”

– Mr. Harper, 4th grade


EUSD is one of the only school districts that still staffs daily librarians that cultivate our kids’ love of reading, support the school curriculum, and help them find effective research material and age-appropriate books.

But this benefit cannot be taken for granted. Last year, the district was forced to implement a decrease to our librarians’ hours to accommodate a mandated budget cut. Please help protect this valuable resource that most districts just don’t have anymore. The money raised through ESF’s Annual Giving Campaign funds every campus library.

World Language

As an EUSD parent, you can be proud of the ongoing investment ESF makes in supporting second language learning in our schools. The district’s World Language Program provides Spanish instruction to all K-6 students and after-school enrichment programs for those interested in building on their Spanish skills, or learning French or Mandarin.

Studies show that:

  • kids develop adult-like memory because they memorize both verbally and visually, then retain and recall information in a flexible way.
  • students develop an “inner voice” and “mind’s eye” as they process new words and phrases.
  • this helps kids to make connections, becoming more mature in their thinking, equipped with tools for undertaking large learning tasks, and reflecting on their knowledge and experience.
  • students achieve higher ACT/SAT scores and success in high school and college.
  • examining the correlation between language study and success in college, students perform better academically in college than students of equal academic ability who do not take a foreign language.

“Donating to ESF has never been more important. In my 17 years in EUSD I have not endured cuts to this level at my school site due to depressed ESF fundraising.

Two important reasons to consider donating:

  • Our athletic coaching stipends were not able to be fully paid with ESF funds this year. The additional costs were moved to the sites and, due to our limited funds, this year transportation was cut for the majority of sports.  Further, specific sports are being considered to be cut from this year’s and next year’s offerings.
  • This year, we had to reduce our library clerk who provides a valuable, supportive, inclusive place for ALL of our students.  The library is closed on Fridays and has reduced hours the rest of the week.

As a parent and as an educator, I recognize the importance of these two opportunities for our students. Please partner with ESF to create the funding solution to our underfunded district.”

– Ms. Platt, Cavitt principal

Site Grants

Each EUSD campus has a culture of its own which is why ESF funds annual grants to each school. In the spring, principals are asked to complete an application describing the project to be funded with $5,000 for each TK-6 school and $7,000 for our junior highs. This flexible funding allows principals to support enrichment in their own unique, site-specific way. Past projects include shade and playground structures, audio equipment, musical instruments, technical devices, and flex seating.