ESF funds enrichment so EUSD can fund everything else.

English, math, science, test scores, and academic performance are important. But they are not enough. EUSD strongly believes that enrichment programs that round out mandated curriculum, teach self-discipline and teamwork, promote self-confidence, and open the minds of our students are equally important. These are the programs that are not publicly funded. It is ESF’s mission to maintain these programs for all EUSD students.

The reality of public school funding in California is that property taxes are just not enough. In today’s financial climate, the best school districts are truly a product of public/private partnership. With significantly less money available from state sources, local school boards are continually forced to cut or reduce programs considered “non-essential” by the state government, but highly valued by students and parents, such as technology, music, art, library support, and athletics. Your tax-deductible donations will help keep these established programs and curriculum in place for every student.

“In my 20+ years in EUSD, ESF has played an instrumental role in my growth as an educator. As a teacher, I attended numerous summer sessions that positively impacted my teaching and students. ESF encouraged innovation in my practice through trainings, Promethean Boards in my classrooms, and Chromebooks for my students.

Please consider partnering with ESF this and every year.”

– Kim Gerould, Greenhills principal

How are we funded?

The schools primarily receive funding from the state. In 1978, Prop 13 shifted funds away from public schools, slashing art and music programs around the state. Prop 13 is great for homeowners but ultimately, this policy hurt our public schools.

How are we funded?

“I think, without a doubt, the fact we are 1:1 with Chromebooks has got to be one of the most significant benefits that staff and students enjoy. In addition, the very expensive upgrade to our network a few years back has really made the technology, that is now incorporated into our schoolwork, work well.”

– Mr. Harper, 4th grade

California underspends on a per-student basis

California underspends per student

California is now one of the worst states when it comes to per student funding (we rank 19th). Adjusting for differences in labor costs, California’s rank drops to 35th in the US.

“Donating to ESF has never been more important. In my 17 years in EUSD I have not endured cuts to this level at my school site due to depressed ESF fundraising. Please partner with ESF to create the funding solution to our underfunded district.”

– Ms. Platt, Cavitt principal

Our district funding

Our local taxes go to the state, where they are redistributed based on student enrollment AND special needs of student populations. Therefore, our schools are underfunded relative to the rest of the state. Your property taxes do not DIRECTLY fund our school district. We need your contributions to bridge the gap in funding. We receive $3,000 (25%) less per student than other California districts.

Our district funding