Who We Are

What is the ESF Board?

The ESF Board is made up of dedicated community members who strive to further our mission to provide enrichment funding to Eureka Union School District. Board members hold various roles, which can change depending on current needs and Board-member skill sets. For details on Board terms, powers, and more, please see our Bylaws.

If you’re interested in joining this dynamic group of volunteers, do not hesitate to contact us.

Meeting Information

The ESF Board of Directors holds monthly open-session meetings. We welcome you to find out what is happening at ESF and in your community by joining our meetings.

Date: Third Wednesday of the month (See our Calendar)
Time: 6:00–7:30 p.m.
Location: EUSD Office, 5455 Eureka Road, Granite Bay
Google Meet available for attendees that cannot attend in person.

Note: There are no meetings held in July or December.



Lorrie Roberston

Lorrie Robertson


ESF ensures that my children have access to critical components of a well-rounded education: music, foreign language, STEM, athletics, and more. Without these, they would be limited in their future endeavors—inside and outside the classroom.

Jessica Marrone


The reality is that public school funding is not enough to provide a competitive education for our children. ESF raises money in order to continue EUSD’s excellent standards that go above and beyond what a public school can offer on its own. I want to be a part of ensuring all of our children continue to thrive.

Yana Smolin

Yana Smolin


I am proud to be part of a foundation that partners with our school district to provide funding for enrichment programs. These programs ensure that our children are given the tools they need to excel in their future academic and personal lives. Parent involvement and support are essential in fully funding these programs.


Luciano Oviedo


I volunteer to help make a positive impact on education and promote art-based STEM for all kids.

Breanne Patterson

Volunteer Recruitment

I joined ESF because I believe parent support and community engagement have a direct impact on children’s education. Supporting ESF and its mission means giving children opportunities to thrive while investing in the future of our communities.

Cory Salzillo

Cory Salzillo


I serve ESF because ESF is dedicated to enriching the educational experience of my son and his peers.  The ripple effect of ESF’s good work reverberates beyond our schools and deep into our community with irreplaceable benefits.

Brian Patterson

Brian Patterson

Marketing Director


Chris Smith

Tom Janis

Teacher Liaison

EUSD Board of Trustees

ESF Volunteer Opportunities

There are volunteer opportunities available as a board member, school representative, or as a part of one of the ESF event committees!

ESF is a volunteer-driven organization and depends on parent volunteers to run its events each year. Please support your child’s education by donating your time and talent and have some fun in the process with ESF! Contact info@eurekaschoolsfoundation.org to find out how you can become involved or sign up now. Thank you!