World Language Program

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The World Language Program is for students in kindergarten through 8th grade and brings world languages to the Eureka Union School District. This enrichment program exposes children to a world language, fosters excitement and interest in a foreign culture, and provides an opportunity for additional enrichment in multiple language offerings.

Our purpose is to encourage students to become global citizens.

We strive for natural progression of the language by understanding, speaking, reading and writing; learning in an interactive and fun way.

We offer:

  • Multiple languages: We respect and embrace cultural diversity. We offer Spanish, French and Mandarin with possibilities for other languages.
  • Cultural proficiency: Our students are not limited to the language but also make the respective culture a vital part of the learning experience.
  • Communication: Students use the language both within and beyond the classroom to interact in their community. In the future, students will use the language for enjoyment, enrichment, and advancement in their ever-shrinking world.
  • Convenience: Our classes are offered on each school campus, before and after school, 4 days a week.

ESF World Language is a non-profit; fee based program.

The ESF World Language Program offers all students an exceptional opportunity to acquire skills in Spanish, French or Mandarin to communicate effectively and interact with cultural competence as leading world citizens.

For more information visit ESF World Language Website