I truly appreciate ESF’s support of the whole student. In addition to their ongoing support of technology in our classrooms and extensive professional development opportunities, they give to our libraries and school sports. This focus on ALL students makes them a vital part of our program. Thank you so much, ESF!

Second graders at Maidu have 1:1 access in the classroom with Chromebooks made possible with the generous support from ESF.  My students learn how to type, use Google documents, research information for biography projects, as well as utilize the online components of our language arts program on a regular basis.

I am personally thankful that, in an age where we hear about school libraries being closed, with support from ESF, we are able to continue to continue to staff our library. Over the past few years our fantastic librarians have offered an alternative location for students to spend lunch recess, taught mindfulness activities, Irish dance, and of course, helped develop the love of reading with our Maidu students. Thank you, ESF!

Katherine Ito
Maidu Second Grade