Money. (I can’t get this song out of my head now.) And I’m pretty sure the picture made you look, right?

Anyway, ESF is investing in your future! Trustees Grover, Holt, Conklin, Dahlstrom, and Nash, as well as Superintendent Tom Janis were thrilled to accept ESF’s annual donation at our most recent board meeting.

$315k will go a long way to fun our technology, music, art, library support, and athletics programs. Wanna know what else $315k can get you?

  • a Ferrari F8 Tributo ($280k)
  • a pre-owned Cessna 340 ($307k)
  • two tickets on a year round cruise ($195k)

But I digress. Anyway, “thank you” to everyone who participated in ESF’s fundraising this year. You are truly what makes EUSD special.

So if it doesn’t go to buying fast cars, luxury yachts, or private jets where does your money actually go? Well, here are just a details related to a recent “grant” received by our schools for the 2023-24 schools year.

Oakhills Elementary: Their students benefitted from improved library furniture. Specifically new shelves and state of the art reading areas that were completed in Dec 2023.

Maidu Elementary: At Maidu, money will continue to supply the STEAM Barn that was built with ESF funds. (Want to know what a STEAM Barn is? So do I ‘cuz it sounds pretty cool! Stay tuned and I’ll investigate and post about it later!) They will also be improving their library.

Greenhills Elementary: Library and Makerspace updates included educational games and activities as well as more flexible seating options. (These seating options are quite interesting if I say so myself!)

At the upper Elementary Schools, we even have proof (in the form of pictures!) of what the money was used for!

Excelsior Elementary: The students received VEX kits that were used extensively by 5th grade students this year.  This purchase was three years in the making, saving up to cover the cost of a class set of virtual reality headsets for use with all classes.

Ridgeview Elementary: This school has used the funds to purchase new tables, bookcases, paint, and plants. They even purchased a brand new ESF Banner. I personally like the silver stars I see pictured. Way to sparkle.

Olympus Junior High School: Last year Olympus supported our yearbook/photography class by seriously enhancing the photo quality! The students loved learning how to use the cameras and we have plans to increase the use in the coming years.

Cavitt Junior High School: A new computer lab was installed in Fall 2023! That is a big undertaking!

This is all well and good, but I want to address one other funding topic.

If you attended the Board Meeting last week, you would have heard that the number one request from the students was “more balls”. As a parent to an incoming 7th and 4th grader, who are both “wall ball” and “four square” aficionados, I hear that request loud and clear. As a result, I have decided to use my “platform” (however limited it may be) to campaign for “more balls”, and maybe a few more “wall ball” courts. Who is with me?

Comment below if you are in and I will come up with a plan. #moreballsforourkids