Well, maybe not literally, but you get the picture. While no one was fortunate enough (this year) to hit a hole-in-one and “drive” away with the free car, there will be another chance next year at the 30th Annual Foundation Cup on June 2nd, 2025! I’m sure that whenever it happens, there will be a “par-tee” shortly thereafter.

Gotta love the golf lingo. Did you know that all the “bird” references in golf, (“Birdie” and “Eagle”) are compliments of the United States and date back to the 19th Century. Are you familiar with the term “Albatross”? Being the rarest of all birds, an albatross is when one is playing the hole three under par – an endangered species for most. A “Turkey” is three consecutive birdies during one round of golf, and an “Ostrich” is described as scoring five under par on a hole. Fascinating.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Thank you to all of the golfers, sponsors and volunteers who participated in ESF’s 29th Annual Foundation Cup held at Granite Bay Golf Club last week. We are proud to announce that your donations netted us just over $40,000 which will help fund athletics, music, STEAM, and libraries for our kids in the Eureka School District.

We also want to offer huge congratulations to our winners. No idea if any of them managed to pull off a turkey or an ostrich but better luck next time.

  • 1st Place:  Baron Davis, Devin Davis, Stephen Cairns, Brandon Sessions
  • 2nd Place: Micheal Neumann, Bobby Troung, Chris Petterson, Johnny Kovalek
  • 3rd Place: Don Hartman, Cary Thompson, Kevin Watts, Dave Hartman

We also had a Long Drive and Putting Contest with the following winners:

  • Long Drive: Greg Reynolds
  • Putting Contest: Anurag Thakur

And then the Closest to the Pin winners:

  • Hole #14: Don Hartmann ***
  • Hole #7: Brandon Sessions ***
  • Hole #3: Devin Davis ***
  • Hole #11: Todd Johnson

*** Major props for those of you who managed to get a two-peat! In the words of Moto-Moto (the hippo in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa), “so nice, you had to (do) it twice”. 

SAVE THE DATE for June 2, 2025 for the 30th Annual Foundation Cup! Everyone is welcome to come out and play and we hope to see you there! I just hope I don’t get left on the 14th hole again. It was a part of Granite Bay that I had never seen before.

annual foundation cup tournament. June 2025.