Each year, ESF dedicates a portion of its fundraising to support continuing education opportunities.  Over the summer break, eachers are offered the chance to attend classes and seminars that support new curriculum and educate on new research, trends and technology.  EUSD is one of a handful of districts throughout the state the make continuing education of our teachers a priority. 

Below, teachers from Olympus share their thoughts on this unique program:

“ESF has had an impact on me as a teacher due to their funding of Summer Institutes.  I’ve partaken in an institute every summer since our district began offering them. It’s a fantastic way to learn, grow, and collaborate with fellow teachers outside of the school year.   Thank you, ESF!”

Leela Kite – Science Department Head/WEB Coordinator


“As a teacher I have attended Summer Institutes and presented at Summer Institutes. This is a unique opportunity to share best practices, collaborate on curriculum, and work together to make instruction the best it can be. I appreciate that ESF has seen the classroom teacher as a priority when choosing to spend money.  Thanks!”

Kelly Lewis – 8th Grade Core Teacher


“Summer professional development also approved time for me to unify systems and procedures with the math department at Olympus with regard to homework (that works) and assessment planning for assessment of student ability, not just skill but also concept application. …. and a revision process that incorporates reflection and accountability.”

Hilary Ducharme – Math Teacher


“As a teacher who has participated in the summer enrichment opportunities every summer, I can’t say enough about the benefit of these programs!! They have allowed me to grow as an educator in many ways.  I have been able to gain new content knowledge, learn new teaching strategies, become knowledgeable with so many different technologies and technological tools, as well as plan new curriculum. The benefit to teachers and students can be seen in the classroom each and every year.”

Maureen O’Brien – 7th Grade Department Chair/WEB Coordinator