Lorrie RoberstonOne of the things we love about ESF volunteers is their compassion for the entire community. That quality was immediately apparent in Lorrie Robertson, who has been a dedicated participant and donor since day one of joining the district: her family participated in the Fund Run, Auction Gala, Art Auction, and the Annual Giving Campaign. Since that first year, Lorrie has been an integral part of planning the Auction Gala and is chairing the event this fall.

That’s why we’re so pleased to announce that Lorrie has accepted our offer to join ESF’s Board of Directors! Watch out for this one—she has big goals!

“It’s important to me that we increase community awareness of the fundamental challenges on the table for our district, and how family participation with ESF can directly impact those challenges,” Lorrie told us. “Early-elementary class size is a growing concern district-wide. By bringing increased transparency to the funding needs of ESF, we could sustain a significantly larger grant to the district each year to help address this concern.”

Lorrie and her family joined the community in the summer of 2016, after growing frustrated with the egregious competition for resources in the Bay Area. Friends encouraged the Robertsons to check out Granite Bay, remarking on the quality of life and exceptional schools. With two children currently in the district and two more enrolling in the fall, it’s no surprise that school performance was a top priority for their relocation.

Join us in welcoming Lorrie as she makes an even greater impact by joining ESF’s Board of Directors!

P.S. When Lorrie isn’t volunteering, you may find her curled up with the latest historical fiction book or enjoying a horror flick with her husband.