“Donating to ESF has never been more important.  In my 17 years in EUSD I have not endured cuts to this level at my school site due to depressed ESF fundraising. 
Two important reasons to consider donating:
  • Our athletic coaching stipends were not able to be fully paid with ESF funds this year. The additional costs were moved to the sites and, due to our limited funds, this year transportation was cut for the majority of sports.  Further, specific sports are being considered to be cut from this year’s and next year’s offerings.
  • This year, we had to reduce our library clerk who provides a valuable, supportive, inclusive place for ALL of our students.  The library is closed on Fridays and has reduced hours the rest of the week. 

As a parent and as an educator, I recognize the importance of these two opportunities for our students. Please partner with ESF to create the funding solution to our underfunded district.”

– Ms. Platt, Cavitt principal