Ms. Beyer“ESF is critical in funding a well-rounded education for our amazing students.  From music, to art, to our library, ESF is the fundraising engine that EUSD relies on to meet the deficits in our budget.

California’s Local Control Funding Formula gives every school in the state a base amount of dollars per student. For districts with highly socioeconomically disadvantaged students, they get another bump in funding.  For districts with a large English language learner population, they get another chunk of money.  And for districts with large foster child populations, they get an extra bump of money.  In our district, we do not have large populations in those areas, so we get only the base funds.  As was again pointed out in a recent board meeting, we are the lowest funded district in Placer County.  Our neighboring districts do have have populations that meet those criteria, so they receive that additional funding that we do not receive.

Monies collected by ESF go directly to funding enrichment for our students.  They all deserve a top-quality, well-rounded education. Our teachers do a phenomenal job with ‘bare bones’ funding to give your child that top-notch instruction.  However, we need funds to enrich the classroom, enrich the arts, enrich our students.”

– Ms. Beyer, Cavitt assistant principal