ESF makes the Eureka Union School District whole. Without the incredible support of ESF, our fantastic schools would not have the enrichments and supports that help our students and teachers thrive. Most of our campuses are one-to-one in terms of technology- something that is imperative in teaching 21st-century skills to our young learners. Without ESF, this wouldn’t be possible.

Our junior high school athletic programs, that teach and promote sportsmanship, leadership, and interpersonal skills, would not exist without ESF.

Our fabulous libraries, with highly skilled and passionate educators, would not encourage and promote literacy¬†as effectively as they do without ESF’s support.

Our music program is a safe place for so many students in our district and offers an outlet of creativity that is so impactful and inspiring to our student population.

Additionally, our teachers benefit immensely from the ESF sponsored summer institute professional development courses each summer. It is such a phenomenal way to collaborate with my colleagues, learn new and exciting teaching practices, and has helped me continue to evaluate and refine myself as an educator year after year. There is not another district in the area that offers such a valuable resource to teachers, and I am so grateful that ESF supports and values continued education for our teachers.

– Mrs. Coppa, Olympus