Tony SchroederOur EUSD parents feel strongly about quality education and Tony Schroeder is no exception. As a former teacher, lifelong learner, and new ESF board member, it’s no surprise to learn that he and his family moved to the community primarily for the school district. “We love how beautiful the area is, we love the community, but mostly we want to give our kids the best education possible and we believe that EUSD is the place for that,” Tony told us.

Tony believes everyone should do what is in one’s power to support local schools. For him, that means utilizing his skills as a data analyst to organize ESF’s technology to make every volunteer’s job easier and maximize fundraising capabilities. He hasn’t wasted any time getting started—since school let out he has already created systems to streamline ESF’s public-facing communications.

He was drawn to ESF for its passionate and generous community. “I love that there is an organization that is run by family volunteers for a cause that is dear to my heart,” he said. “I’ve been impressed at how dedicated everyone is and I hope to live up to that standard.” With a 5-year-old who just completed Transitional Kindergarten at Maidu, and a 2-year-old future Mustang, Tony and his family are ‘in it’ for the long haul—all for the communal end goal of providing meaningful enrichment opportunities to our kids.

Tony understands that enrichment in schools—programs that are constantly at risk of budget cuts—can mean the difference between good and great. With that top of mind, Tony hopes the Foundation can provide STEM learning materials for our kids, such as supporting 21st-century science labs on every campus.

To Tony and all of our community volunteers—we’re thrilled to have you on our team!