Dear Fellow Eureka Union School District Parent or Guardian,

The Eureka Schools Foundation (ESF) is a parent-volunteer-run organization that raises money to support critical programs at your child/ren’s school(s). Every dollar raised by ESF is granted to the district to cover:

  • Librarians
  • Foreign Language Instruction
  • Music
  • STEM programs
  • Classroom technology
  • Sports programs
  • Educator Professional Development

When our children leave high school, they will be competing against peers who had these programs in their primary education. ESF exists to ensure every child in the district has access to enrichment programs that round out their education, making them competitive in future endeavors.

These programs cost the district over $800,000 each year. If every family gives $365, we can cover the costs and build an ambitious plan for an even brighter future. Please give a gift of $365 or more. Soon, ESF will begin a texting campaign to remind you to give and facilitate your family’s contribution to ESF. Of course, you can donate any time, including establishing recurring payments, by visiting ESF’s website.

Give our children access to the education they deserve. Give to ESF.


The Parent Volunteer Board
Eureka Schools Foundation