President’s Message


ESF is made up of a group of dedicated volunteers that put in years of commitment to the cause of raising money for our schools and our kids. Of course, we’d love for all of them to stick around forever, but we understand that kids grow up and move on. For this reason, we have to express our sincere gratitude for the time and talents that Steve Schorer has shared with our organization for several years. Not only were he and his wife Marisa part of the group that founded ESF 25 years ago, he returned to the organization as an ‘alum’ and led us through some of our most dynamic years.

As we bid him good luck with his next adventure, I am pleased to succeed him. A few years ago, with three kids in the district, I fulfilled a sense of obligation and answered a request for Auction Gala volunteers. After a fulfilling experience and seeing first-hand how my skillset matched a need, I twice led the Auction Gala committee and joined ESF’s board of directors.

As a full-time financial advisor with (ESF sponsor) Westlake, Grahl and Glover, I appreciate systems and protocols that help us work smarter, not harder. I have put my talents into practice by leading the charge to systematize ESF and setting quantifiable benchmarks to which we are holding ourselves accountable. Now, as president, my goals include increasing parent involvement in fundraising, volunteering and board participation, communicating ESF’s value to sponsors and the community, and streamlining for efficiency for our board members, event chairs and volunteers.

Of course, as an organization we intend to fulfill our agreement with the district to fund, as best we can, the enrichment programs that provide our children a well-rounded education. As the saying goes, “A public education is free. A  good one is not.” I honestly believe that, in EUSD, our children are receiving the benefits of a private school education in the community of the public school system…a win/win in my book.

But those benefits don’t come without a cost. Enrichment is not funded by the state. Professional development for our teachers, keeping them at the forefront of education and prepared to ready our children for their futures, is not covered by the state. Libraries and technology are not covered by the state.

To that end, we have a hefty fundraising need in front of us. The cost to provide these enrichment programs is $800,000, an impossible number for the district to meet within an education funding model that makes us the lowest-funded (yet highest achieving) district in Placer County. Every year, ESF, in partnership with the district, parents and business community hopes to share the burden of that cost by pledging what we are able to fundraise. In a district of over 3,000 families, that nets out to just $250 per family, perhaps the same as your monthly cable or cell phone bill.

Through the tenacity of our volunteers, we are able to offer several fun and family-friendly events through which you can donate. Please participate in as many as you can:

February — Annual Giving Campaign
Spring — Art Auction & Music Exhibition
May — Foundation Cup Golf Tournament
October — Fund Run
November — Auction Gala
Ongoing — Donations are always accepted online or via check

ESF holds monthly meetings (another goal of mine…quick and fun meetings!) in the boardroom of the EUSD offices.  If you’d like to join our efforts and be an integral part of the strategizing and fundraising process, please come!

Thank you in advance for your support,
Stephanie Kerns
ESF President 2018

Stephanie Kerns