During the month of February, retiring board member Kim Vincent coordinated her 4th Annual Giving Campaign (thanks, Kim!).  This year we were able to close the campaign with just over $100,000 from 12% of our families.

While we never want to discount the significance of $100,000, we have a responsibility of putting these results into context.  Unfortunately, over the past several years, we have seen a steady decline in donations and participation levels, down $200,000 and 35% in just 6 years.  From this graph, we can see that participation is the key to a successful campaign.

We know that with an annual fundraising goal of $500,000, to lighten the load on all of us, we need EVERYONE’s help, not just 12%.  After all, if we share the burden of the total cost of enrichment ($800,000) equally, that works out to approximately $260 per family over the course of the entire school year, just $29 per month.

What can we expect if we are unable to take the financial pressure off of the district with a significant pledge from ESF?  Cuts to services and programs and larger class sizes.  Plain and simple.

Did you participate in AGC?  Thank you!  If not, what would it take for you to give?  Tell us!