ESF is a volunteer-driven organization that relies on dedicated members of the community – parents, grandparents, students, neighbors, local businesses, and friends – to organize, manage and execute successful annual fundraising events.

While volunteering at your current school and/or in your child’s class is invaluable, ESF offers the opportunity to view and fund the school community as a whole, doing your part to ensure a positive, enriching experience throughout your family’s tenure at EUSD. Our work supports every child on every campus and involves you with families, staff and professionals from other schools.

  • Have small kids? Bring them to meetings.
  • Work full-time? Sign up for an event set-up, tear-down shift.
  • New to the district? ESF is the perfect way to get involved and meet new people.
  • Taking a break from your career to stay home with your kids? Managing an event can keep your skills sharp and looks great on a resume.

There are opportunities for involvement and input at every level.

  • school representative
  • event lead
  • committee member
  • special projects
  • board of directors

Please support ESF by donating your time and talents and have some fun in the process!


Contact this year’s Volunteer Recruitment Chairs: