President’s Message

People often ask me why I choose to remain in leadership with ESF long after my own children have left the district.
My answer is simple:  I truly believe that there is no higher calling for a community than to educate its children.  This is true whether you live in Granite Bay or any other town.
The state, our district, and our teachers handle the good ol’ ‘three Rs’ – reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic.
But enrichment is not funded by the state.  Professional development for our teachers, keeping them at the forefront of education and prepared to ready our children for their futures, is not covered by the state.  Libraries and technology are not covered by the state.
I know – I’ve seen it first-hand as a father, a physician and a lifelong learner – it is through enrichment that passions are unleashed.  I couldn’t feel stronger about ESF’s mission in our community or more confident in our volunteers.
To that end, we have a hefty fundraising need in front of us.  Thank you to the families that participated in this year’s Annual Giving Campaign.  We are encouraged by the 290 donations from families new to the Campaign, families that understand the value of what EUSD has to offer and that it takes a consistent, coordinated effort to be competitive with an education funding model that works against us.
In a district of over 3,000 families, we know that donations from only 500 can’t sustain enrichment programs for all students.  Luckily, there are still several opportunities before the end of the school year to support our schools:

– Luckily, there are several opportunities to support our schools:

October 1 – Fund Run
Ongoing – Online donations are always accepted via
As always, we would love to hear from you if you have feedback or time to contribute.
Steve Schorer
ESF President 2016-1017