Ms. Heiskell on supporting ESF…

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“The direct impact I see from ESF donations for students is our amazing librarian, Mrs Gonzalez. She exposes them to a huge world of amazing books each and every week. It is so important for children this age to be read to everyday…students benefit greatly when they have many different adults in their lives (parents, teachers and librarians) to introduce … Read More

Ms. Beyer on supporting ESF…

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“ESF is critical in funding a well-rounded education for our amazing students.  From music, to art, to our library, ESF is the fundraising engine that EUSD relies on to meet the deficits in our budget.  California’s Local Control Funding Formula gives every school in the state a base amount of dollars per student.  For districts with highly socioeconomically disadvantaged students, … Read More

Ms. Platt on supporting ESF…

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“Donating to ESF has never been more important.  In my 17 years in EUSD I have not endured cuts to this level at my school site due to depressed ESF fundraising.  Two important reasons to consider donating: Our athletic coaching stipends were not able to be fully paid with ESF funds this year. The additional costs were moved to the sites and, … Read More

How NOT to bid up an item in the Online Auction

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Not long into our first year at Maidu came ESF’s Annual Auction Gala, and with it (much to the pleasure of a busy parent who often travels for work) an online auction. I got to participate in a school function and help raise money for an important cause right from my cell phone. And better yet, the auction was offering … Read More

Maidu tech wiz joins ESF board

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Our EUSD parents feel strongly about quality education and Tony Schroeder is no exception. As a former teacher, lifelong learner, and new ESF board member, it’s no surprise to learn that he and his family moved to the community primarily for the school district. “We love how beautiful the area is, we love the community, but mostly we want to … Read More

Welcome Lorrie Robertson!

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Lorrie Robertson

One of the things we love about ESF volunteers is their compassion for the entire community. That quality was immediately apparent in Lorrie Robertson, who has been a dedicated participant and donor since day one of joining the district: her family participated in the Fund Run, Auction Gala, Art Auction, and the Annual Giving Campaign. Since that first year, Lorrie … Read More

Give the gift of loving to read books…

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When my daughter, Lily, started at Maidu, she took an immediate liking to the librarian, Mrs. Stephan. Lily continually looks forward to her class’ Library Day, especially getting to pick out a new book to take home each week. It’s become something of a family tradition now, discovering which book Lily has chosen that week and reading it together each … Read More

2018 Annual Giving Campaign closes with $100k in donations

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During the month of February, retiring board member Kim Vincent coordinated her 4th Annual Giving Campaign (thanks, Kim!).  This year we were able to close the campaign with just over $100,000 from 12% of our families. While we never want to discount the significance of $100,000, we have a responsibility of putting these results into context.  Unfortunately, over the past … Read More

9th Annual Art Auction & Music Exhibition is a wrap!

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Thanks to everyone who braved the rain, piled their families in the car, and came out to Bayside to attend this year’s Art Auction & Music Exhibition! It was a great night with a packed room full of students, teachers, administrators and parents appreciating our kids’ talent through art and music. We hope you enjoyed the new layout which we … Read More