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Lily loves Library Day!

Maidu parent Amanda and her daughter Lily

When my daughter, Lily, started at Maidu, she took an immediate liking to the librarian, Mrs. Stephan. Lily continually looks forward to her class’ Library Day, especially getting to pick out a new book to take home each week. It’s become something of a family tradition now, discovering which book Lily has chosen that week and reading it together each night before bed. Often, the titles she chooses are predictable–the Pinkalicious series makes frequent appearances–but sometimes they surprise me.

Once, Lily chose Dog Heaven–not what I would have guessed from a self-proclaimed cat person who happens to come from an agnostic household. Dog Heaven sparked a thoughtful discussion between me and my spouse on our appreciation for public schools and the role they play introducing children to different opinions and beliefs. Another welcome, though unexpected, result of Library Day.

The books in public school libraries don’t appear arbitrarily. Librarians curate and manage the collection our young learners enjoy–books that present new ideas, foster critical thinking, and spark creativity. Raising a child takes a village, and that means two things: 1) trusting and supporting the administrators, teachers, and librarians who have difficult, yet critical jobs, and 2) helping ensure all children in our community, not just those under our roof, have access to a safe and nurturing learning environment.

In a world of dwindling attention spans and increasingly omnipresent screens, let’s give the children in our district the gift of loving to read books. Our librarians’ hours are at risk of facing cuts yet again. Please consider donating to support libraries and technology for the schools in our district.

– Amanda Schroeder

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